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6 Interesting, Weird, and Wacky Uses for Pressure Washers

Believe it or not, pressure washers are an extremely versatile tool.. People use them in a variety of interesting, weird, and down right wacky ways. In today’s post we are going to go outside of our comfort zone and look at some different and some unique ways to use a pressure washer. We are NOT sanctioning this behavior, but it is interesting to see just where people’s imaginations can take them. Here’s to all you beauties just keeping things interesting. Cheers!

1. Use a Pressure Washer to Check Roofing Projects

All right. Imagine this. You have a crew of roofers slaving away in the hot sun. Peeling off the old roof strip by strip. Then they check the plywood to make sure it’s not rotten and there are no leaks. They lay down the new tar paper. They throw the roofing tile on. Then, finally, they finish the ridge cap. They think all is well and they come to tell you the job is done. But you’re like, “Oh no. I’ve danced this dance before. Let’s check your work, boys.” To the garage, you go. You grab your trusty old pressure washer march up on that roof and BLAST it. That’s right. You’re making sure this new roof is leak-proof. Low and behold, you find a leak. Back on the roof fellahs. Seal her up and call her day.

That’s right. You can use a pressure washer to check roofing projects. The high-pressure water slamming the roof simulates a wicked bad storm and ensures your roof can stand up to the elements. Now that IS thinking outside the box.

2. Power Wash Dirty Yard Elements

Our yards act as little oases in our hectic lives. Wind, rain, sleet, hail, dirt, and plants can quickly cover our yard decor in dirt and grime. That’s why using a power washer to wash dirty yard elements makes a lot of sense. Use that pressure washer to quickly turn your grimy yard back into a delightful escape area for your friends and family. Using a pressure washer will have that yard ready for barbecues and games in no time flat. Spray down those garden gnomes. Drench that play structure. Push that dirt off the deck. Using a pressure washer is strangely therapeutic. You might just enjoy yourself, or you can call the professionals to do the whole yard.

3. Power Clean your Boat, Sea-Doos, and Jet Skis

Us Albertans love our summer and we love our toys. Boating is a staple of summertime fun for many of us and we often move from lake to lake over the summer months. Dipping our boats, sea-doos, and jet skis in and out of these bodies of water can cause them to collect mould, vegetation, dirt, and mildew on boating hulls. Once you have pulled your toy out of the water and on dry land, use a pressure washer to give it a thorough cleaning. Adjust the pressure washer’s pressure as needed to help ensure that you don’t damage the watercraft. 

Another very important reason to clean your watercraft between uses and between placing it in different bodies of water is to minimize the transfer of aquatic invasive species and diseases. According to albertaparks.ca “The movement of watercraft into Alberta is the highest risk of infecting our waters.” 

4. Make Concrete Art

Okay. This is one of the stranger uses for a pressure washer, but someone with artistic flair and a steady hand can make some pretty cool concrete art. It’s no the usual medium one thinks of as artistic. If you’re bored at home and looking for something really challenging and fun to do, use your pressure washer as a brush and concrete as your canvas. Check out what the fellow in the video below did. It blew us away that he could create something so cool out of dirty concrete and a pressure washer. So cool. This guy has some mad skills.

5. Remove a Wasp Nest from a Distance

Wasps are not fun. They can easily ruin an outside get together by stinging, or repeatedly stinging people. While wasps will only bite when they feel threatened, how the heck do we know what will make them feel threatened? If you want to get rid of wasps, it’s best to do so at their source, the nest. Yeah, right! Who wants to get close enough to a wasps’ nest to take it down. What no hands shooting up to volunteer? Hmm. That’s weird. Most of us are pretty sure that wasps will definitely feel threatened if we just go up and start pulling down their nest. Probably not a great idea… unless we can take it down from a distance. Now. We don’t recommend doing this, but if you get in a pickle, you could use a pressure washer to shoot down the wasps’ nest and then hightail it out of there until they evacuate the place. If they don’t evacuate. Come back with a lighter and let them have it. Be careful out there.

6. Use Two Pressure Washers to Fly?

Okay. So here’s the deal. We DON’T recommend that you try this at home. We’re pretty sure this due is a trained professional. Hahaha. If you ever wanted to fly like Iron Man, but you don’t have the brains or the moolah that Tony Stark does, apparently all you need is two high-powered pressure washers and a lot of practice. Take a look at Captain Awesome-Sauce below. Enjoy!

We sure hope that this blog post was helpful. We look forward to hearing from you so we can assist you with your next pressure washing project. Cheers.

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