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How to Pressure Wash RVs and Trailers

Savvy campers know that there is no way to go camping without getting your recreational vehicle. From road dust to mud and grime, your RV will inevitably need to be cleaned at some point. Pressure washers not only make it easy but also quick and safe!

A pressure washer is a helpful tool for cleaning an RV, but you have to use it in the right way. You can take off dirt and bugs using a pressure washer–but too much force can ruin your RV and cause water damage or strip off finishes.

When using a pressure washer to clean your RV, it’s important to keep the nozzle around one foot away from the surface. Wash the RV from top to bottom starting with the roof. Sweep the wash wand horizontally from side to side in order to avoid depositing dirt elsewhere. This will save you time when washing your vehicle.

Pressure Washing your RV’s Roof

Washing the RV roof is the first step to cleaning your trailer. Most RVs come with two main roof types, each with a different set of cleaning methods. If you decide to pressure wash the roof, here is how to handle the washing properly.

How to Wash Rubber RV Roofs

The most common type of roof is a rubber roof. Rubber roofs become tacky when hot. Tacky rubber then absorbs dirt and debris making the rubber difficult to clean. Use warm water, a mild detergent, and a gentle setting when pressure washing the rubber roof of your RV.

Using high pressure on your RV’s rubber roof could damage the polyurethane coating on top of the roof that protects it against UV rays, heat buildup, mould growth, and other natural hazards.

PRO TIP! Use a soft-bristled scrub brush with a bucket of cold water and a gentle cleaning detergent to remove and stubborn stains. DO NOT increase the pressure on your pressure washer as doing so could damage the rubber seals.

How to Wash Fibreglass Roofs

Many newer RVs have fibreglass on their roofs. Fibreglass is an easy material to clean. Use a pressure washer set to a low pressure setting of about 1000 psi. Start from one end and work your way to the other to prevent the dirt and debris from pooling. Hold the nozzle approximately 12 inches away from the surface for maximum, safe effect. For more stubborn stains we recommend using an RV roof cleaning solution.

Pressure Washing your RV’s Body

Red Deer Pressure Washing services - RVs and Trailers

RVs and trailers come in many shapes and sizes all designed to maximize your camping excursions. Two of the most common materials used to build your weekend warrior castle are fibreglass and metal. Let’s discuss how to clean both.

Using a Pressure Washer on Metal Surfaces

Painted metal is the easiest to wash because it can withstand most of the cleaning products and chemicals that you would typically use in your car. The primary concern with using a pressure washer on an RV, however, is vulnerability to water intrusion when washing areas where two pieces of overlapping siding are next to each other (such as over small windows). If you want to take advantage of this tool for easy clean-up then make sure not to spray too closely or else risk damaging the paint job!

Remember to sweep the pressure washer wand from side to side starting at the top and moving down. Where necessary, use a soft-bristled brush to loosen grime and dirt from delicate or hard-to-reach places.

Using a Pressure Washer on Fibreglass Surfaces

Fibreglass is mostly found on older RVs. It is typically unpainted and has a few flashy decals. Be careful when using a pressure washer on surfaces with decals. High-press can damage the decals causing your unit to look dated. When using a pressure washer to wash fibreglass surfaces use a gentle pressure setting.

Presoak your RV with a gentle cleaning detergent or scrub it with a soft-bristled foam brush. Once it sits for 10 minutes, use the pressure washer and spray side to side from top to bottom to remove any dirt and debris. Don’t be afraid to take a little extra time on corners and difficult-to-reach areas.


If you need a recreational vehicle and want to keep it looking shiny and new, we can help. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to help you clean your RV or trailer today. From small jobs to large projects, Nuance has you covered. We are fully mobile and will show up at your location when needed, so call us today. We are proud to service Central Alberta. Nuance blasts away grime.

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