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Gutter Cleaning Services – 4 Big Reasons

When it comes to property maintenance, many people forget about their gutters, also known as eavestroughs. Gutters cling to the edges of your roof, and most people never stop to ponder, “Huh. I wonder what’s going on up there?” In this post of the Red Deer Pressure Washing Services Blog (whew! Almost had to take a breath there), we will investigate exactly what can happen if you don’t keep those gutters clean and why professional gutter cleaning services are your best bet.

1. Clogged Gutters Cause Costly Water Damage Inside Your Home

One of the most obvious things that can happen when your gutters are clogged is water damage. You will most likely know that your gutters are clogged when the rain pours down, or snow starts melting. The runoff will quickly accumulate inside of the eavestrough and start spilling over the sides. That water doesn’t just pour over one side. Water adhesion allows drops of water to cling to the undersides of shingles and tar paper, which can cause your roof to rot. Water can also get into the inside of your walls. This will cause further damage and rot that could lead to health problems down the road.

It’s a great idea to keep those gutters clean. In Red Deer and Central Alberta, we recommend giving them a thorough cleaning in the spring and after the leaves have fallen in the fall. The sludge, grime, and smell can all be pretty awful. Nuance Pressure Washing Services is always happy to provide a helping hand. We can even give your building exteriors a rinse while we’re there. 

2. Moulds and Mildew in and on the Walls

Another reason to use a professional pressure washing service to clean your gutters is to ensure no nasty moulds and mildew have nested there.  Moulds and mildew can damage your building exterior, but they can also cause some severe health issues. While we want our homes and business looking clean and pristine, it’s much more essential to keep our friends, family, customers, and employees safe and secure.

Nuance Pressure Washing Services’ professional technicians can safely and efficiently remove mould and mildew from your gutters, roof, and sides of your building. We use hot water and a soft chemical solution to remove all the pesky slime and grime from your gutters. Then we make sure that the downspouts are clean and that water will once again run off of the roof and safely away from the foundation. 

3. Water Pouring Over a Clogged Gutter Can Damage Your Foundation

We wrote earlier about water adhering things like walls and the underside of roofs. Water flowing over the gutter the other way can cause just as much damage or more if it seeps into your foundation. 

Living in Central Alberta, we all know how the seasons go. It can be bright and sunny one day and freezing cold the next. These temperature changes are a recipe for disaster when water seeps into a building’s foundation. Water expands when it freezes, so the water breathes and slowly works its way deeper and deeper into your foundation until it’s ruined. A new foundation is an expensive fix. One that may not be covered by your insurance. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service to come in the spring and the fall can save you headaches and a bunch of money down the road. 

4. A Safe, Professional Job

Finally, the best reason to use a professional gutter cleaning service is to ensure a safe, professional job. Climbing ladders with a pressure washer or hose in tow can be a harrowing experience, to say the least. Nuance Pressure Washing Services trains our technicians to safely and effectively use a pressure washer to clean out gutters. We are fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about any liability. Not only that, but we make sure the roof is cleaned off, the gutters are flowing, and the downspouts are free of debris. Nuance blasts away grime.

We sure hope that this blog post was helpful. We look forward to hearing from you so we can assist you with your next pressure washing project. Cheers.

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